13/11/2017 Soho Farmhouse

JPPC has recently secured planning permission for the provision of an additional 55 hotel guest rooms with associated structures at Soho Farmhouse, Great Tew.  These will all be new buildings and comprise 5 Cook House Rooms, 10 Walled Garden Cottages, and Ten pod type structures housing 4 units each that base their architecture on upscaled traditional farmers Pig Arcs set within an extension of an existing woodland landscape.  The developments have been carefully designed to integrate successfully within the existing site, with significant benefits to ecology and the local West Oxfordshire economy. 

Walled Garden development



2 Pig Arc Field development

Pig Arc Interior

Other Consultants


Michael Ergatoudis, Development Director, Soho Farmhouse


Client:                                     Soho House Group

Architect:                               In-House Build Ltd

Transport Consultant:          PFA Consulting

Landscape Architect:            Portus + Whitton

Arboricultural Consultant:   Lockhart Garratt



11/09/2017 New housing site approved at Brightwell-cum-Sotwell

Planning permission has been granted for the development of a greenfield site on the edge of Brightwell-cum-Sotwell in South Oxfordshire for the erection of up to 31 houses.  The scheme was supported by Brightwell Parish Council which is holding a referendum into its proposed Neighbourhood Plan on 14 September.  JPPC will soon be meeting adjoining residents to discuss proposals for the reserved matters submission.

Developer/Owner: Kingerlee Homes

Architect: Oxford Architects

Technical input: Glanville

Ecology, trees and landscape: Lockhart Garratt


24-7-2017 Resolution to Grant Permission for Residential Scheme in Reading

Reading Borough Council has recently resolved to grant permission for eighty new apartments, subject to the completion of an agreement to secure on-site provision of affordable housing, on a site within 350 metres of Reading town centre. When complete, the development will comprise a mix of 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bed apartments, with underground car and cycle parking.

Client: Thomas Homes

Architect: Woodfield Brady

Highways Consultant: Glanville Consultants

26-5-2017 - New Development at Cholsey

Reserved matters approval was given at South Oxfordshire District Council Planning Committee this week for 60 houses on land at Celsea Place in Cholsey.  The site is currently subject of extensive archaeological examination.  Client Linden Homes wants to be able to start building by the Autumn.  Approval was given in the face of opposition from the Parish Council but the Committee was able to see the advantages of the scheme, and its good design.


Architects: OSP Architecture

Archaeologist: Foundations Archaeology

Ecology: Bioscan UK

Landscape: Adams Habermehl

20-2-2017 Permission granted for agricultural machinery showroom

Planning permission has been granted on a greenfield site outside Byfield in Daventry District for a new build premises for Farol a John Deere franchise that entails a large new building comprising workshops and offices and a sales area for agricultural and horticultural machines and equipment.

Anderson Orr Architects

3-2-2017 Permission Secured for Student Accommodation

JPPC have secured a planning permission for the provision of 78 new student study rooms together with private amenity space, ancillary facilities and bin and cycle storage at the junction of Reliance Way and Cowley Road in Oxford. The proposal seeks to convert three existing former office buildings in order to provide 48 of the student study rooms, whilst the remainder would be provided within a new three-storey landmark building on a vacant plot fronting Cowley Road, with private open space, landscaping and some disabled car parking provided to the rear. The new building has been carefully designed to integrate successfully within a varied streetscene.

Client: Cantay Estates Ltd

Architect: Andrew Spurring

Transport Consultant: JD Transport

Landscape Architect: Adams Habermehl

11-11-2016 Major Residential Development Approved at Bayswater Road, Oxford

Planning permission has recently been granted for a residential development of 52 dwellings (40% affordable), together with the creation of new access roads, the provision of open space, parking garages and landscaping at Bayswater Farm, on the north eastern flank of Oxford. The application for permission fell to be determined by both Oxford City Council and South Oxfordshire as a “cross-boundary” application – a small part of the overall site fell within the City Council and the City Council was given nomination rights to two of the dwellings within the scheme to mitigate the loss of two vacant semi-detached properties within the City’s boundary. South Oxfordshire’s Core Strategy specifically allocates the larger portion of the site for development, albeit it was silent as to the number of units to be provided. Permission was granted subject to a s106 agreement, to ensure the provision of affordable housing and contributions in respect of play space and bin provision.


Developer: Cala Homes (Chiltern) Ltd

15-8-2016 Shabbington Success.

Outline planning permission has been secured for 8 houses on farmland at Shabbington outside Thame in Aylesbury Vale District.  Contact JPPC (Henry Venners or Alex Cresswell for more details).

14-7-2016 Isis House, Station Road, Henley-on-Thames

JPPC has recently secured planning permission from SODC for the conversion, extension and alteration of Isis House from office use to seven luxury apartments with a sedum-roofed covered car park to the rear.  The site sits in a very prominent location, adjacent to Henley’s main Conservation Area and physically adjoining a Grade II listed building. The scheme’s contemporary ‘make-over’ is respectful of its historic context and will significantly enhance the building’s current fairly mundane form and appearance and become a landmark building.


Developer:  The Air Group Ltd.  Architect: Lee Masters Architecture.  Planning Application P16/S0267/FUL

22-6-2016 Career Opportunities at JPPC

JPPC is looking to recruit a new town planner.  If you are interested in working for a busy and successful planning consultancy based in Oxford please send us a CV with a cover note for us to consider.

Chartered Membership of the RTPI is not essential but experience in a planning environment will be beneficial.

For more details email planning@jppc.co.uk or call and ask for Henry Venners, Neil Warner or Adrian Gould.

21-6-2016 JPPC Appeal Success at Cholsey

JPPC has been successful in obtaining planning permission at appeal for a development of 60 houses in Cholsey in South Oxfordshire.  South Oxfordshire District Council had sought to refuse the scheme but following a local Inquiry the inspector agreed that there would be many advantages to allowing the scheme and given the current lack of a 5-year supply of housing proceeded to grant planning permission, subject to conditions and a S106 agreement.


Landowner: Linden Homes (Chiltern) Ltd

27-5-2016 Planning Permission Granted for Redevelopment in Oxford

Oxford City Council have granted planning permission for the redevelopment of the former Adventurer public house on Hollybush Row, Oxford and its replacement with a four storey building comprising 5 x 1-bed and 2 x 2-bed flats, together with the provision of private amenity space, bin and cycle storage. 

Officers were satisfied that the building proposed would have an acceptable visual relationship with its surroundings, including the setting of a Conservation Area. It was also agreed that the locality offered a wide range of other public house facilities which would be capable of meeting the same local needs for places to socialise.

 Architect: TSH Architects

27-4-2016 JPPC Secure Residential Permission in South Oxfordshire Village

JPPC has recently been successful in getting planning permission for a pair of semi-detached dwellings in a rural village in South Oxfordshire - Stoke Talmage - where the last new house was built many decades ago.  The number of places where SODC will accept new housing has increased - ask JPPC for details.

14-4-2016 Amendment to General Permitted Development Order 2015

Following recent amendments to the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order, the ability to convert offices into dwellings under permitted development has been made permanent - originally, the right was a temporary one and was due to expire in May 2016. Under the amendment to the Order, local authorities can consider noise impacts upon the intended occupants of the development. Where prior approval is granted (or where the local authority deems that it is not required) the change of use must be carried out within 3 years.

Planning Permission for new Residential Scheme in Oxford
JPPC have obtained planning permission (in outline at this stage, with only landscaping details reserved for future approval) for a development of 6no. 2-bed flats, along with private amenity space, car parking as well as bicycle and waste storage on land to the rear of Between Towns Road in Oxford. Oxford City Council were satisfied that the development proposed would make an efficient use of an underused site (previously a car park) and that a residential development would be a suitable re-use of the site. The development was judged to provide good standards of internal and external amenity for future occupants, with a suitable level of off-street car parking.
2-11-2015 Permission Granted for Replacement Dwelling in Cotswold AONB

Cotswold District Council has granted planning permission for the erection of a replacement dwelling, along with a garaged and associated landscaping, within the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty near Stow-on-the-Wold.

The existing dwelling benefits from the fallback position of being able to be extended significantly under permitted development whilst the proposed replacement seeks to offer a similar range of accommodation, albeit offering a much better quality development, along with landscape improvements.

Client: Mr and Mrs L Berman

Architect: Adam Richards Architects

Landscaping: Portus and Whitton Landscape Architects

JPPC Welcomes Two New Members of Staff

JPPC are pleased to welcome two new members of staff to the Consultancy.

Alex Cresswell joins JPPC as a Senior Planner from Kemp and Kemp LLP, having previously worked at West Oxfordshire District Council.

We are also delighted to welcome Natasha Ireland to the Consultancy. Natasha joins us from South Oxfordshire District Council and takes up the position of Associate.

23-6-15 JPPC Successful in Appeal for 18 Residential Units at Milton

JPPC has been successful at appeal.  Planning permission has been granted by an appeal Inspector who agreed with our case that the construction of 18 houses at Milton near Didcot would represent sustainable development.  Vale of White Horse District Council had refused the scheme on the basis that they considered there to be overriding landscape harm but JPPC was able to show that greater weight had to be given to the benefits of the scheme and that any landscape harm would be relatively minor.  Therefore on balance planning permission was granted.

16-06-2015 Successful Planning Appeal at Milton Common

JPPC has been successful in convincing a planning Inspector to grant planning permission following SODC’s refusal of consent for what amounted to a replacement dwelling but not on the site of the original house. 

JPPC gave persuasive reasons as to why the replacement house would be better sited elsewhere and the Inspector agreed.

6-6-2015 Bints Yard, Northmoor

West Oxfordshire District Council has resolved to grant planning permission for 8 new dwellings (5 of which are intended to be affordable) on an existing industrial site at Chapel Lane in Northmoor, subject to the completion of a legal agreement to secure the affordable housing.

The scheme makes use of a derelict site, whose former use was for storage and haulage. Members and Officers agreed that the proposed use would enhance the character of the area, bringing about significant environmental improvements and result in lessened pressure on the local road network when compared to the existing lawful use of the site. Whilst Northmoor is not identified in the current local development plan as a location where such a scale of new housing would be acceptable ordinarily, a clear benefit was demonstrated in the provision of affordable housing to maintain local services.

Architect: TSH Architects Ltd

Client: AWBS Ltd

15-5-2015 Planning Permission Granted for new Infill Dwelling at Drayton

Vale of White Horse District Council has granted planning permission for a 3-bed family dwellinghouse on an infill site within a Conservation Area.

The Council's Officer accepted that the gap between two existing houses was not important to the understanding of how the Conservation Area had developed over time and was content that the design of the dwelling would be acceptable, by virtue of its careful siting and the proposal's use of vernacular features.

JPPC submitted the planning application and prepared a justificatory statement, including a consideration of how the character of the relevant part of the Conservation Area has changed over time.

Architect - The Anderson Orr Partnership

Arboricultural Consultant - Venners Arboriculture

1-4-2015 - JPPC successful in South Oxfordshire Caravan Park Appeal

JPPC has successfully convinced an appeal Inspector that the conditions which South Oxfordshire District Council had applied to a caravan site were excessively onerous and not required.  As such the approved caravan site at Moreton near Thame can now have more caravans and be open for longer each year than was going to be the case.  Other excessive conditions relating to a Construction Traffic Management Plan and a log of visitors have also been deleted.

13-3-2015 JPPC Successful in Obtaining Outline Permission at Ambrosden

JPPC have been successful in seeking a grant of outline planning permission for five new dwellings on a site to the north-east of Merton Road in Ambrosden, contiguous with the built up area of the village.

Although Cherwell District Council's policies normally restrict housing to sites within the built up area of settlements, the Council does not presently have a five-year deliverable supply of housing sites, therefore relevant policies for housing cannot be considered up to date. In such instances, national planning policy (and the presumption in favour of sustainable development) weighs in favour of granting permission, despite the Council's restrictive policies in respect of the location of housing. Officers granted outline planning permission on the basis that the proposal was considered to result in no harm to the character of the landscape or to designated heritage assets.

2-2-2015 Permission Granted for Commercial Barn Conversion

Planning permission has been granted for an exciting new commercial development in a round topped dutch barn just outside Oxford. 

Vale of White Horse District Council agreed that the design would be an appropriate modern way to convert a relatively modern previously open sided building, which will provide useful new office accommodation on the farm complex.


Architect Towle Spurring Hardy

6-1-2015 Permission Granted on Appeal for New Flats in Botley

JPPC has successfully convinced a Planning Inspector to grant planning permission for a scheme in Botley for 9 apartments in place of 2 outdated semi-detached houses.  The scheme is contemporary in design and would complement the block of apartments next door on Westminster Way.  Planning permission was refused by VOWHDC for 2 reasons the main one relating to a perceived shortfall of parking but the Inspector agreed that the amount of parking provided on site would not cause a serious problem elsewhere.


Project Architects: Anderson Orr

Highways Consultant: Glanville

19-12-2014 Permission Granted For New Apartments In Thame

JPPC have successfully obtained planning permission for the erection of 2 new apartment buildings at Thame Park Road in Thame, providing 28 x 1 and 2 bed apartments, on behalf of Rectory Living Ltd.

JPPC Successful in Securing Permission for Site in Newbury

Planning permission has been granted for 12 houses on a backland site at Cromwell Mews in Newbury following the completion of a s106 legal agreement to secure contributions.  Our client had assembled a number of slightly awkward plots of land behind existing houses which led to a number of objections being made, but West Berks Council agreed that the proposal would make a good use of land within the town’s boundaries, notwithstanding the presence of badgers on part of the site.

Client: NSJ Developments Ltd

Project Architect: Inspiration Architecture and Interior Design, Newbury

Ecology: J Taylor Ecology Consulting

JPPC Successful in Seeking Permission for Archimdean Screw

JPPC are pleased to confirm that planning permission has been granted for a new Archimedean screw proposal which will be constructed on what is currently dry land close to weirs in the River Thames near to Culham and will generate hydroelectricity from the natural fall of water at this point.

Project designers: Mann power-hydro and Southeast Power Engineering


25-7-2014 New contemporary dwelling allowed in Cherwell District

Permission has been granted on Appeal for a sustainable contemporary dwelling in a backland location within a Conservation Area in Cherwell District.

The Council had refused planning permission on the basis of an alleged conflict with its policies on infill dwellings in villages, as well as the alleged impact upon the openness of the Conservation Area.

JPPC succeeded in persuading the planning inspector that the Council's interpretation of infilling, based upon a policy dating from 1996, was too narrowly drawn and that no harm to the Conservation Area would result from the proposal

Architect: Banks Design Architects

Arboriculturist: Sascha Barnes Ltd

Client: Mr and Mrs I Porteus

16-7-2014 Appeal and Costs Success over Householder Extension

JPPC have been successful in securing planning permission at appeal for works to a dwelling in Oxford where the Council was deemed to have been overly restrictive on a largely hidden rear extension, as a modification to previously approved plans.  As a result of his findings the Inspector awarded costs against the Council.

Project designer Paul Blake

2-7-2014 Prior Notification Approval Granted for Farm Buildings

JPPC has today received its first approval of a prior notification application, permitting the change of use of agricultural buildings to dwellings. This has come about as a result of the changes introduced earlier this year to permitted development rights for farm buildings.

Please contact us for more details.

(Location: Vale of White Horse District Council)

1-7-2014 JPPC takes on new Senior Planner

JPPC are pleased to welcome David Burson to the Consultancy as a Senior Planner. David joins from South Oxfordshire District Council, where he worked for seven years, having undertaken roles within the Council's development management, planning enforcement and planning policy sections.

13-5-2014 JPPC Successful in Seeking Delisting

JPPC has been instrumental in having a building de-listed.  When asked to carry out an appraisal of the building in Reading town centre it appeared to JPPC that the building was newer than it was purporting to be.  We uncovered that the building has been substantially rebuilt some years ago and thus English Heritage and DCMS have decided that the building ought not be included on the statutory list any longer.

1-5-2014 RTPI Election Success

JPPC's quota of chartered town planners is once again restored to seven, following the election of Simon Sharp to full membership of the Royal Town Planning Institute. Simon joined JPPC in 2008 and has been working towards full RTPI membership for several years, whilst being involved in a very diverse range of projects, including small to medium scale residential and commercial developments.

In April, the consultancy bade farewell to Cheryl Morley. Cheryl has taken up a post at West Oxfordshire District Council, where we wish her every success.

25-4-2014 17 St Martins Street, Wallingford

JPPC has obtained planning permission for the provision of two extra flats on the roof of No17 St Martins Street, Wallingford.  The building is currently a 1960s modern style flat roofed building in the heart of this historic town.  Adding the new roof storey of accommodation will allow improvements to be made to the building to make it fit in better with its more historic surroundings whilst also providing valuable new accommodation.

Project Architect: Oxford Architects

17-3-2014 JPPC in Successful Appeal Against Enforcement Action

JPPC has successfully defeated an enforcement action by Cherwell District Council in relation to 2 new houses that were built in Fringford allegedly too far forward from the position approved by the Council.

The Planning Inspector agreed that the enforcement notice should be quashed because it was incapable of correction.  He also granted planning permission for the retention of the two houses requiring minor alterations to one of them.

20-1-2014 Householder Appeal Success in Iffley Conservation Area

JPPC have recently obtained planning permission on appeal to the Planning Inspectorate for extensions and alterations to a modern house within a Conservation Area at Iffley, to the south of Oxford, on a site overlooking the River Thames.

Oxford City Council had refused planning permission on the basis of the proposal's alleged impact upon the character of the Conservation Area, including the riverside setting of Iffley as well as on the alleged impact of the proposal upon neighbouring properties.

In relation to the issues of character and appearance, the Inspector agreed with JPPC that the perceptibility of the extended dwelling would be limited from the public realm, would not disrupt views through the site to the wider landscape beyond, and that the alterations would improve the dwelling's appearance and consequently that of the wider Conservation Area. In the Inspector's view, the alterations would not result in a visually jarring development in views into the Conservation Area from the Thames Path. In respect of the alleged impact upon neighbours' living conditions, the Inspector found that any potential for overlooking from the proposed alterations could be overcome by imposing a condition requiring the flank elevation windows to be glazed with obscure glass.

Client  -  Mr Richard Wormell

Architect   -  The Anderson Orr Partnership, Wheatley

5-12-2013 Prior Approval Obtained In Respect of Office to Residential Conversions

Relying upon permitted development rights which the Government introduced in May of this year, enabling the conversion of buildings which had been in use as offices prior to 30th May 2013 to residential use, JPPC have recently submitted and overseen three applications seeking prior approval in respect of the conversion of large office buildings into residential units, two in Oxford and another in Reading.

To benefit from the newly introduced rights, landowners must apply for a determination from local planning authorities as to whether their prior approval is required in respect of transport, flooding/drainage and contamination impacts of residential use. If the local planning authority indicates that prior approval is required, they must provide a decision within 56 days of the application being submitted. If the Council considers that prior approval is not required (or that such approval can be granted if it is required), residential use must commence by 30th May 2016. 

In each case, JPPC worked constructively with the local authorities, providing relevant information where it was sought, particularly in respect of transport impacts.

As noted elsewhere on this newsfeed, the Government has consulted on changes to further widen the scope of permitted development rights. The results of this consultation are expected shortly, possibly resulting in further changes to the legislation in 2014, which we will keep our clients informed of when they occur.


8-11-2013 Permission obtained for new detached house in South Oxfordshire

Planning permission has been granted for a single detached dwelling, within the village of Marsh Baldon in South Oxfordshire, washed over by the Oxford Green Belt.

The proposed dwelling would have a vernacular appearance, clad in timber with a thatched roof.

Following extensive negotiations with the landowner, JPPC prepared the planning application for submission and spoke in support of the application at the District's Planning Committee.

Architect: The Anderson Orr Partnership

Client: Mr R Wells

25-10-2013 JPPC Success on Appeal in Oxford City

JPPC have successfully pursued an Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate against the refusal of planning permission for the conversion of an historic former public house into 6 x 1 bedroom dwellings in central Oxford.

The main issue for consideration was the reduced contribution proposed by the developer towards affordable housing in the City, required by the City's Sites and Housing Plan (adopted February 2013) upon which basis the City Council had refused the original planning application.

The Council had argued that the purchase price paid for the site should have reflected the existing use value, however the Inspector found that the purchase of the site was made before the publication of the draft Sites and Housing Plan had been published and that consequently the contributions in respect of affordable housing could not have reasonably been anticipated when the site was purchased by the developer; thus they did not overpay for it (as the Council had alleged). The developers's profit margin would be at the lower end of the industry range and further contributions would have stalled development, prejudicing the regeneration of the West End Area. Consequently, the redevelopment of the site would outweight the harm caused by the lack of a full contribution to affordable housing.

3-10-2013 New Solar Farm Granted Permission.

JPPC has secured planning permission for a 5.8 hectare solar farm development between Newington and Chalgrove on the basis that no undue harm would be caused to the South Oxfordshire Countryside.  Although there are footpaths nearby this site is not prominent and lies outside the AONB and Green Belt which affects so much of South Oxfordshire.

Contact Henry Venners for more information.

16-9-2013 Outline Planning Permission Granted at Milton Heights

Outline planning permission has been granted for an 18 dwelling scheme outside the built-up limits of Milton Heights in the Vale of White Horse following the completion of a legal agreement for contributions towards local infrastructure.

JPPC put forward a persuasive argument to the Vale of White Horse District Council that although the site's development would be a departure from the approved Development Plan (VOWH Local Plan 2011), in light of the Council's ongoing shortfall in its 5-year housing land supply, the proposal would be considered acceptable, given its minimal impact upon the character of the landscape, its sustainable location and the ability to address highway concerns. The Council was confident that the scheme could be delivered within one year, making a measurable contribution to addressing the current shortfall.

The Council still does not have an up-to-date 5-year housing land supply.  If you own land in VOWHDC, please talk to us about what might be possible.

13-9-2013 Planning Appeal Success in Respect of Natural Burial Ground
JPPC have recently won an Appeal for the creation of a natural burial ground on a 12 hectare site to north of Woodstock, which includes a comprehensive landscaping scheme and the creation of an earth-bunded shelter. The Inspector agreed with the argument we put forward that the proposals would not be harmful to the landscape's visual qualities and that the scheme would appear as a low-density wooded area.

There have been many recent reports of the severe under-supply of burial spaces within Oxford and we are pleased that this new facility will provide an important new community facility.

Landscape Architects - Nicholson Nurseries

Consultant Archaeologists - John Moore Heritage Services

5-9-2013 Planning Inspector Gives Weight to Permitted Development "Fallback"

Planning permission has recently been granted at Appeal for a contemporary replacement dwelling within the Oxford Green Belt. Following a Local Hearing an Inspector has agreed with our case that the impact of the new dwelling should be judged with reference to the potential size of the existing building (which could be extended without the requirement to seek permission as permitted development) and that significant weight should be attached to the quality of the new design and the much reduced energy demands of the proposed new dwelling.

02-09-2013 Permission secured for two new flats in Botley

JPPC has secured planning permission for 2 new flats in a new building designed to fit in with the existing houses on Raleigh Park Road in North Hinksey (VOWHDC). The original application had been refused for two reasons; firstly the alleged harm to the character of the area and secondly potential highways problems. JPPC resolved the highways issue with the Council and then convinced the Inspector that there would be no harm to the character of the area despite the fact that there are no flats in the immediate area and the plot sizes would be smaller than those of nearby homes.

Designer: Paul Blake

17-7-2013 JPPC Win Claim for Appeal Costs Against City Council

JPPC has successfully applied for an award of costs against Oxford City Council following an Inspector’s ruling that the Council applied unnecessary and unreasonable conditions on a grant of planning permission for a new dwelling in Headington.  JPPC’s client was aggrieved at the conditions imposed on a decision by OCC and took the matter to appeal.  The Inspector deleted four unnecessary conditions and decided that an award of costs was appropriate for the Council’s unreasonable behaviour for two of them.

17-6-2013 Permission Granted for Permanent Motorsport Use

JPPC is pleased to announce that planning permission has now been granted for the permanent use of the high performance motorcar experience at Enstone Airfield that has been operated by Vision Motorsport under a temporary planning permission for the last 4 ½ years.  West Oxfordshire District Council were satisfied that the use would not cause a nuisance to residents in the future and that the planning conditions in place could ensure the acceptable operation of the site.  In addition the Council has increased the number of days when the use can operate from 90 to 120 days per annum.

10-6-2013 Appeal Success in North Warwickshire

JPPC have successed in obtaining planning permission for the erection of nine new dwellings at Coleshill in North Warwickshire.

At Appeal, which was the subject of an informal hearing, the appointed Inspector addressed three main issues; the effect of proposals upon the safety of road users, particularly pedestrians, their impact upon the free flow of traffic and the implications for the character and appearance of the Conservation Area.

The Inspector was briefed at Appeal by a Highways Consultant and accepted that the Council's refusal reasons on highway grounds were without substance. In respect of the alleged impact upon the Conservation Area, the Council had expressed concerns regarding the treatment of the street frontage. Following the refusal of planning permission and prior to the Appeal, a compromise was negotiated with the Council's Conservation Officer to the Council's satisfaction.

Client  -  Birmingham Diocesan Commission

Project Architect   -  Nick Hardy, TSH Architects

Highway Consultant  -  Peter Smith, Arup

3-4-2013 JPPC successful in obtaining solar farm permission.

JPPC has been successful in obtaining planning permission for a 1.7megawatt photovoltaic solar electricity generating installation at Wroxton just outside Banbury for client Cyrasol Ecotec. The installation is expected to provide power for approximately 480 homes and will be located on land formerly worked for ironstone.  There were no objections raised to the application stemming from the hard work put in to make sure that the impact of the scheme would be limited, and following the provision of a through Landscape Visual Impact Assessment.


Client Cyrasol Ecotec

Landscape Assessment Adams Habermehl

Ecology Bioscan UK

Flooding and Drainage  Glanville



1-3-2013 Permission granted for 2-unit residential scheme in Witney

JPPC have obtained planning permission for two new semi detached houses to the rear of High St Witney.

The approved scheme was a resubmission of a proposal which was refused on design grounds by West Oxfordshire's Lowlands Planning Committee in March 2012.

Following alterations to the overall design of the scheme, on this occasion the Committee resolved to grant planning permission, acknowledging the improved design as well as changes to national planning policy (introduced shortly after the 2012 refusal) which favour a mix of uses in town centres, including residential. A recent appeal decision on a nearby site was also taken into consideration

JPPC were responsible for preparing the planning submission and spoke in support of the scheme at the recent committee meeting.

Client  -  Velida Properties Ltd

Architect  -  TSH Architects, Farmoor

1-2-2013 JPPC win appeal for detached dwelling in Oxford

Planning permission has been granted on appeal by a planning inspector in respect of a proposed detached dwelling at St Leonards Road, Oxford.

The appeal overturned an initial refusal  by Oxford City Council who had considered that the proposed development would not private amenity space of adequate quality. The application was identical to a previous permission which expired in 2010.

JPPC managed to convince the planning inspector that although policy had changed since the previous permission expired, this did not materially alter the policy position with regard to the detail of the case and that the proposed development generally accorded with emerging development plan policy. An appeal for an award of costs against the Council was also upheld on this occasion.

18-01-2013 Extension to office in South Oxfordshire Green Belt granted permission

JPPC has been successful in persuading SODC to grant planning permission to allow a 140sqm extension to a countryside B1 office in the Oxford Green Belt, perhaps showing a more relaxed attitude by the Council following the introduction of the NPPF.  The extension will improve the space and configuration of the premises to the delight of the business operator.


Architect: Woodfield Brady

17-1-2013 Permission granted for replacement dwelling in West Oxfordshire

West Oxfordshire District Council has granted planning permission for a large replacement dwelling near Great Rollright, in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.



The application related to an existing farm complex, with a utilitarian existing farmhouse from the late 20th century and some outbuildings which had previously been converted for residential use. What was proposed was a larger dwelling with a more traditional appearance, the full conversion of the farm buildings and enhancements to the landscape. The Council’s Officers agreed that a “fallback” position existed which would allow a substantial amount of additional floorspace to be added to the undistinguished existing dwelling on the site (which would not necessarily enhance the setting of the property), that the replacement dwelling would have no harmful impact upon this setting and that the landscaping proposals would enhance the character of the AONB.



JPPC assisted in pre-application discussions with West Oxfordshire District Council and co-ordinated the planning submission.


Client – Simon Hood Developments

Architect – Tyack Architects

Landscape Architect – Portus and Whitton

Landscape Contractor – Nicholson’s Nurseries

Ecology – Ted Bodsworth, Windrush Ecology

9-1-2013 Oxfordshire Local Planning Authorities Progress Development Plans

On 13th December 2012, South Oxfordshire adopted its Core Strategy, following extensive independent assessment of this development plan, which will provide the plan for growth in the District up to 2027. The Core Strategy supersedes some of the policies set out in the District's 2006 Local Plan.

Oxford City is expected soon to adopt its Sites and Housing Plan, whose examination took place in Autumn of last year. The Sites and Housing Plan will sit alongside the Core Strategy, adopted in 2011 and will set out policies on affordable housing, standards for external and internal space and houses in multiple occupation. It will also allocate sites for residential and employment use. It is expected that the Plan is to be adopted by the Council at its meeting on February 18th.

29-11-2012 Appeal Success at Dunmore Farm, Abingdon

JPPC has successfully challenged a decision by the Vale of White Horse District Council to refuse planning permission for the extension and conversion of a farmhouse near Abingdon to four apartments.  In allowing the appeal, which was heard at a local hearing, the Inspector agreed that the Council had overstated possible harm to the Green Belt from the scheme and found that it would be acceptable in all other respects, including that it would be in an accessible location. 

28-11-2012 Permission granted for a new country house at Pyrton

Planning permission has been granted for a large new country house at Clare Hill near Pyrton in South Oxfordshire. JPPC’s careful presentation of the case was enough to convince South Oxfordshire District Council that the new house could be much larger than the existing house on the site.



Client: Brookes Cavendish Ltd

Project Architecture: Henry Smith

21-11-2012 Application fee increase announced

Last week the Department for Communities and Local Government announced that planning application fees will rise by 15% from November 22nd, in-line with inflation. This means, for example, that for a scheme for the erection of 1 dwelling, the fee would rise from £335.00 to £385.25.

One additional change, introduced by the consolidation of pre-existing secondary legislation on fees, is the regime of fees for deemed applications, such as where permission is sought at appeal for development which is the subject of an enforcement notice. Previously, half of the fee for such an application would have been payable to the local authority, with the other half going to the Secretary of State for Communities. Hereafter, the whole fee for a deemed application will go to the relevant Local Planning Authority.

19-11-2012 Householder Appeal Success in Reading

JPPC have recently won a householder appeal in Reading, allowing the retention of extensions to a dwellinghouse and preventing the threat of enforcement action by the Council.

The Inspector concluded that the alterations, erected without planning permission, would not have any harmful impact upon the character of the area, nor upon the amenities of neighbouring properties.

11-10-2012 Grand Design Becomes Reality

This week's Grand Designs (Channel 4, Wednesday evening, 9.00pm) features House By The Water, an innovative riverside dwelling at Lower Shiplake in South Oxfordshire.

JPPC were involved with the planning Appeal, following the initial refusal of planning permission by the local planning authority. We lodged the Appeal with the Planning Inspectorate, preparing written representations in support of the proposal and were in attendance when the Planning Inspector made his Site Visit. Permission was granted by the Planning Inspector at the end of November 2009, although as the programme shows, this was only the start of the process.

We are pleased to see that the project has finally come to fruition and we wish every happiness to Mr and Mrs Offley in their new home.

8-10-2012 JPPC now on Twitter

Follow the Consultancy on Twitter (@JPPCPlanning).

20-9-2012 Proposed Changes to Time Limits for Extant Permissions and Permitted Development Rights

Following the temporary provisions introduced by the Department for Communities and Local Government in 2009 to allow applicants to extend the time limits for the implementation of planning permissions, on 6th September this year, the Secretary of State announced measures to extend the scope of these provisions and Parliament has amended the existing legislation. The measures come into effect on October 1st.

The effect of the new measures is to enable applicants with unimplemented extant permissions which were granted on or before 1st October 2010 to apply for a replacement permission for the same development, subject to a new time limit for their implementation. As before, the applications will be subject to a lower fee and the requirements for such a submission will be less onerous.The new provisions will also apply to Listed Building or Conservation Area Consents granted on or before 1st October 2010.

We are aware that the Secretary of State's Ministerial Statement of 6th September indicated that there will be amendments to existing permitted development rights, particularly with respect to single storey extensions. At the time of writing, nothing has been published by DCLG to indicate what these changes will entail. A consultation document from DCLG is expected shortly, which is likely to give a clearer indication of how the existing regime of permitted development rights is to be expanded. This is obviously something we will continue to monitor with interest.

22-08-2012 Appeal Success at Cumnor Hill

An appeal has been allowed at Cumnor Hill in the Vale of White Horse which demonstrates that there is flexibility in design for house extensions.  


The extension proposed sharply contrasts with the form and design of the existing house but the appeal Inspector was convinced by JPPC’s arguments that this would not harm the property or the wider area, ‘opining that planning policies and decisions should not attempt to impose architectural styles or particular tastes’ and that the Council’s suggested alterations to the scheme were not required to provide good design.


Architect: Riach Architects, Oxford

26-6-2012 Permission granted for reconfiguration of shop unit and provision of new dwellings

Oxford City Council have granted permission for the conversion and extension of a building situated on Walton Street, Oxford, to provide a reconfigured shop unit at ground floor level with two dwellings and a flat on land to the rear.




JPPC were responsible for pre-application negotiations with Oxford City Council, along with the submission and preparation of the planning application, including the preparation of a Planning, Design and Access Statement which included an assessment of the proposal’s impact upon the significance of a designated Conservation Area.


Architect: HAP


Highways Consultant: Hannah Reed

18-6-2012 Permission granted for new Polo Stables and Ancillary Facilities

JPPC have obtained planning permission for the construction of replacement polo stables, along with tack, hay and feed storage and associated permanent workers’ accommodation and landscaping at Shiplake in South Oxfordshire.




The new stables have been designed to replace existing timber stables to complement an existing complex from 1994. The proposal’s visual impact was an important consideration and it was crucial that the new buildings could be integrated well into the landscape, as well as respecting the setting of an existing listed barn. The proposal was also required to ensure there would be no greater impact upon the capacity of the floodplain of the River Thames to store floodwater than previously existed. Ordinarily, this would not be a location in which a new dwelling would be acceptable and consequently it needed to be demonstrated that there was an essential need for permanent accommodation for workers in connection with the operation of the polo stables.


JPPC submitted the planning application, prepared a supporting statement to accompany it, and monitored the application through to approval.


Architects: ADP


Ecological Consultants / Landscaping Details: Land Use Consultants


Agricultural: Kernon Countryside Consultants Ltd


Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy: Elliot Wood

14-5-2012 Appeal Success for JPPC

JPPC have successfully represented Appellants in two recent Appeals to the Planning Inspectorate.

Acting on behalf of the owners of an antiques market located in West London, an Appeal was made against the refusal of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to remove a condition attached to an earlier planning permission which prohibited the use of a basement as an antiques market on any day of the week other than Saturdays and Sundays. At a public hearing, and despite considerable local opposition, the Planning Inspector agreed with the view put forward on behalf of the Appellants that the amenities of neighbouring properties would not be harmed by the use of the basement on any day of the week, nor would there be any harmful impact upon the special character of the area, or upon its character as a Conservation Area. An application for costs against the Council was also successful.

In another Appeal against a refusal of planning permission by the Vale of White Horse District Council, the Consultancy has succeeded in persuading a Planning Inspector that additional car-parking facilities at a school situated in the Oxford Green Belt did not harm the openness of the Green Belt and would not amount to "inappropriate development". Furthermore, the Inspector also opined that the proposal was not contrary to the principles of sustainable transport.

20-4-2012 JPPC secure permission for 12 apartments in Botley

JPPC has secured planning permission for a development scheme of 12 two-bed apartments in a single block with a central arch leading to a rear courtyard garden and parking area to replace 2 detached dwellings on West Way, Botley (Vale of White Horse DC). The design is highly modern but has been considered acceptable with the local context.


Project Architect Anderson Orr Partnership

Transport Consultant: Glanville

Ecology: Philip Parker Associates

Government Publishes National Planning Policy Framework

The Department for Communities and Local Government published the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) on 27th March 2012. The NPPF supersedes the existing Planning Policy Statements and Policy Guidance Notes, replacing them with one comprehensive document which enounces national policy.

The policies which the NPPF contains are material considerations in planning decisions and in the preparation of Local Development Documents. Forthcoming Development Plans are to be prepared in conformity with its policies while existing development plans are to be given due weight in accordance with the degree to which they conform to the provisions of the NPPF, a greater degree of weight being given where the relevant policies in existing plans are close to the Policies in the NPPF. Until 28th March 2013, Development Plans prepared since 2004 should be given full weight.

Amongst the changes since the Draft NPPF was issued for consultation last summer are the following:

  • With respect to applications for main town centre uses (now defined in the NPPF e.g. leisure, retail and entertainment uses), local planning authorities should require rather than prefer applications to be located in town centres rather than out of town;
  • Greater emphasis on the redevelopment of Brownfield land;
  • A clearer definition of what “sustainable development” is considered to be;
  • Plan makers and decision takers should recognise the “intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside”
28-3-12 'Third Pigeon' approved at Milton Common

Planning permission has been granted by SODC for large extensions to the existing building at the Three Pigeons, Milton Common to provide improved accommodation including a function room and enlarged sales space for the architectural salvage sales operation. The existing building has a double gable front and part of the scheme includes a side extension with an extra gable to add the ‘Third Pigeon’.


New bedrooms for overnight guest accommodation at first floor level have been permitted and permission has also been granted for the erection of an outbuilding and other work including the change of use of public highway as a prelude to it being stopped up.


Client - LASSCO Ltd

Architect - Murray John Architects

Transport - Glanville Consultants

Ecology - 4Acre Ecology