The Consultancy provides advice in town planning and development including:-

Site Appraisals
Which include visiting the site to appraise the physical context and meeting clients to establish their objectives, a review of the planning history and policy background for a site, identifying constraints and opportunities for development.

JPPC are experienced in submitting all forms of application including those seeking planning permission, listed building consent, conservation area consent, certificates of lawfulness for existing and proposed uses, prior notification applications for agricultural development or demolitions and applications to vary conditions on existing consents.

JPPC will manage your application from conception stage through to decision and advise on the best tactics to achieve your objectives. We can deal with the entire process or any part of it including:

Planning, Design and Access Statements - The majority of planning applications must now be accompanied by a design and access statement. We produce a cogent and compelling supporting case for every application including not only the statutory requirements but also a careful explanation of the issues to demonstrate why permission should be granted;

Negotiations with the local planning authority - The planning process is rarely an exact science, our in depth knowledge of policies, appeal decisions and existing rights coupled with an intimate knowledge of local authority planning systems allow us to carry out focused negotiations aimed at securing a satisfactory outcome for the client without unnecessary compromise.

Lobbying and presentations to planning committees - We are experienced in making relevant representations to Planning Committee Members and on larger schemes work closely with a number of dedicated public relations firms.

The best prepared application can, on occasion, be refused consent at the local level. Planning requires those making decisions to weigh in the balance many competing issues. Often the decision makers at the local level fail to apply sufficient weight to important considerations or are blinkered by local opinion. Recourse in such cases is to appeal the decision with the Planning Inspectorate who operate independently of the local Council. Appeals can take one of three formats depending upon the complexity of the case, the level of public opinion and whether the evidence needs to be taken under oath. JPPC have considerable experience in dealing with all types of appeals including Public Inquiries and issuing instructions to Counsel where appropriate.

Development plan submissions
The former Local Plan system has been phased out and replaced by Local Development Frameworks. The new development planning system has been designed to streamline the local planning process and promote a proactive, positive approach to managing development. As with the old system it is essential that land owners / companies / individuals take action to ensure that the plan works for them. This includes seeking to have a development site either included or excluded as the case may be or even supporting or objecting to a single policy of the plan. Unlike the old system, there is less of a role for a barrister to play when the document is examined and the role of the planning consultant throughout the process is of increased significance. Whilst the system is still in its infancy, JPPC have made successful representations at Core Strategy Hearings.

Planning Enforcement
Planning can be a minefield and there are numerous instances where people have inadvertently undertaken development in breach of planning control. We have a great deal of experience in the successful resolution of enforcement investigations through the submission of retrospective applications or lawful use or development certificates.

Third Party Representations
JPPC offer a comprehensive service to a range of third parties, from community action groups to companies and private individuals, helping them understand applications that may have an impact on their interests. We can assist with the submission of detailed representations, ensuring objections are relevant and focused and we are available to appear at planning committee meetings and appeal hearing. As professional planners we will give you a realistic view of how an application may be determined and whether there are legitimate grounds on which to object.

We do not have an in-house architectural division but as an independent consultancy we work with a broad range of architectural practices. We are able to assist clients in choosing the right Architect for the job and will liaise closely with your chosen Architect during the formulation stage of the process so as to ensure that the proposals have the best chance of securing permission.

Expert Witness
We are experienced in providing Town Planning Expert Witness advice to the Courts and have acted as ‘Single Joint Experts’ in the resolution of planning related property disputes.

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